Brussels’ Shôtôkan Karate-dô Sawada Academy 

Relocated first in June 1978 and latter in March 2007, the Brussels’ Shôtôkan Karate-dô Center was meanwhile renamed Brussels' Shôtôkan Karate-dô Sawada Academy.

Early '78 Sensei’s Miyazaki* and Sawada managed to transform a movie theater into a convivial dojo.
Once the wooden floor layed - over 200 m² - necessary facilities followed.
Side mirrors, added to the seven meters high ceiling, increased the impression of space in the training hall.
To say the least, many people spent a great deal of sweat on this floor, including Belgian national squad.

Today the dojo is located on the verdant university campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

     *Sensei Miyazaki Satoshi (宮崎 哲) - a.k.a. Miyazaki Tetsu
      8th Dan JKA (Saga - Japan, 17/06/1938  -  Brussels, 31/05/1993)
      Takushoku University / JKA Instructors graduate (Kenshusei - Year 1961)


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