Sensei Sawada


How to pass on this knowledge?

Daily life commitments push us to forget the benefits of exercising, both for the body and the mind. Karate practice enforces the muscles, develops coordination, stimulates reflexes and improves stamina. Serious practice develops coolness, allowes a clear mind, a deeper awareness of our mental abilities, and self-confidence. Karate is not a goal, but a way to achieve one. Every black belt holder becomes a Bushido ambassador.

Teaching karate demands an open mind, to respect students, and most certainly proper qualification. Close to his students, Sawada sensei teaches his art full time, sharing his passion with respect. Classes are conducted by qualified, experienced instructors. Training is always safe, no havy contact.

Nowadays, many people consider karate as a sport, one must score, win bouts, and its spiritual aspects are often replaced by the need to dominate others. Rather than enforcing egocentricity, Budo should drive people to see one as part of a group. There’s no place for ego in the dojo. Traditional karate practice builds up character and teaches to respect training partners. Determination, sincerity, sense of effort, etiquette and self-control are needed in the dojo. In other words, the karateka must strive for philosophical and physical development.


Belgium 1976

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