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My path to you...

Sensei Sawada Kazuhiro (澤田 和弘) was born in Hokkaido, Japan’s northen island, on February 25th 1952.
He started practicing karate at high-school, and later joined the karate club at Taisho University (Taishô Daigaku - 大正大学), from which he graduated four years later, having harshly trained under Sensei Iida Norihiko (飯田 紀彦) and Sensei Hayakawa Norimasa (早川 憲政)’s guidance.

Very active karate wise, Sawada Sensei will end up being the club’s team captain. This Taisho team won three times the All-Japan University Championships. Sawada Sensei was Kanto area (Western part of Japan) University Champion, and reached twice the finals in the Free-style University Championships.

After graduation, Sawada Sensei was appointed to become Sensei Miyazaki Satoshi (宮崎 哲)’s assistant, on national level and in our club, and this until September '84 as Sawada Sensei moved back to Japan for a decade.

Regrettably, Miyazaki Sensei passed away on May 31st 1993. The Belgian karate federation then asked Sawada Sensei to come back and teach as national instructor. After being assistant, Sawada Sensei naturally became the dojo's chief-instructor.


Ghent 1976

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