Shokotan Karate

JKA Karate is Bushido

Though technically JKA karate is a refined form of Shotokan Karate, the karate perfected by Grand Master Funakoshi, in a larger, deeper sense it is Buhido; it is karate based on the way, and molded by the spirit of the ancient Japanese samurai warrior.

In that karate, the ultimate goal is not to someday become an Olympic champion; the goal is to develop the ability to knock down an opponent with one kick or blow. To achieve that goal, aspirants must devote themselves to hard and virtually endless practice in the inseparable trinity of the three fundamentals - kihon (basic technique) - kata - kumite.

Through this practice, they inevitably grow in strength, pirit and discipline. Eventually they become formidable fighters. And all the while they are learning patience, compassion, loyalty, independence, deference and integrity.

(The prefix "bu" means, in Japanese, the whole of the martial techniques. "Shi" means warrior, and the suffix "do" refers to the way.)

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