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Shokotan Karate

Spreading the Kokufu-Bunka form of Budo Karate

Our goal - the ultimate aim of everything we do - i to spread throughout the world kokufu-bunka karate-do : karate based on the ancient tradition of Japanese Buhido. It is the purest form of karate, the highest tradition in the art, and it is our purpose to train amateur men and women in Japan and abroad in that art in a deep and thorough disciplined way. It i also our purpose to promote youth education throughout the world, both in physical and mental terms, through the teaching of that art.

And finally, it is our purpose to provide all those who practice true karate with an open supportive, welcoming place in the midst of the isolation, alienation and frenzied complexity of modern society - a place where they can come together on a totally equal footing regardless of age, sex, nationality, race, social statu, or profession.

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