The rules

Shokotan Karate

JKA Kumite match rules are simple and natural

The JKA imposes only the absolute minimum of restrictions for safety's sake. We do not wear gloves or masks or any kind of protective clothing in kumite. There are no weight classes as in boxing. There is no scoring and calculating of arbitrary points either. The only thing that count is whether or not the judges decide that you - tall or short, larger or small, heavy or light - have defeated your opponent by accurately delivering a decisive blow with your fist or foot to a designated vital part of hi or her body.

The JKA created these rules, the firt match rules in the world of karate, back in 1959 when it held the first national karate championhip tournament in Japan.

Since that time the rules have never been changed, not in any way. There in no way they could be changed. They are so simple and natural that they are inevitable : win or lose with the first deadly blow - without actually hitting your opponent.



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