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Shokotan Karate

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Four different approaches to karate

At the various schools where you can go to learn the art of karate today, you will find that it is taught in four different ways. The first way is as a kind of gymnastic exercise, as a simple program of muscle toning and body training.

The second way is as a sport, or game, where you wear boxing-type gloves and often a protective face mask, and win by gaining points according to the rules. But the rules keep changing , depending on who is sponoring the tournament for whom. And so to keep winning you have to keep learning new and different technique.

The third way is a body-contact combat using gloves and sometimes other protective equipment, wich can lead to a form of crowd-pleasing, blood-tirring entertainment, such as in Thaï kick-boxing, K-1 or Pride.

And the fourth way i as a martial art, or Budo (a martial way); in other words, as a way of life. This is the way of the JKA.

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