The heart of the JKA

Shokotan Karate


He became the heart of the Japan Karate Association

Master Funakoshi was a man of extraordinary spirit and force, the one who introduced karate, which today is often described as Zen in motion, to the world.

He was also the one who changed the character for Kara in karate from China to another character whose reading is exactly the same but whose meaning is very different : emptiness; the central philosophical insight of Buddhism.

It was he who became the heart of the JKA - the one around whom, more than a century ago, the organization was formed. And it is to his spirit, and his teaching , that the JKA will forever remain true.

The JKA is the Keeper of Karate's Highest Tradition, the teacher of the art in its purest form. There are literally hunderds of chools of karate in Japan and around the world, but none is like the JKA. None teaches karate in quite the same way.

(Kara, a name which specifically refers to the Tang Dynasty 617-908 AD was until the early decades of the 20th century the popular name for China in Japan.)

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